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latest Episodes

026 How to Resolve Conflicts at the Workplace

Today’s topic will be about conflict resolution in the workplace! Unfortunately, conflict is common whenever there are people together. This episode will delve into various psychological solutions for common...


024 Requirements of Being a Leader

Today’s topic is an interesting question for a majority of the people in the business world. What exactly are the requirements for someone to become a leader? I’ll begin...


022 10 Points for a successful video call

You know how it is. This thing with technology, when it’s just desperate. We only become truly effective when we can use the technology to our advantage. One thing...


021 Open Door Policy

Today’s episode is about the open door policy and how effective it is…or isn’t! An open door policy is usually used as a behavioural institution in that every manager...


020 Is Self-Employment the Future?

The focus of today will be on self-employment. Is the future of work self-employment?  I read about this often. Last year I attended a conference about whether this is...


019 Coach or Psychologist

Today I refer to the last episode in which we discussed the question of success or happiness and which comes first. My conclusion was that you need to be...


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