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latest Episodes

040 Disney Strategy

You want to realise your dreams? The Disney Strategy may help you to achieve your goals! Check the episode now! Happy dreaming...

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036 Digital Tools

“Do tech gadgets make us more or less productive?!” Today we will discuss whether digital tools make us more or less productive at the workplace. This is a very...

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035 Trust them or control them?

Today’s topic is for those who have been leaders for a while now and think it’s time for becoming better! Whether it be about new habits or introducing some...

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034 The Psychology behind Change

“The definition of leadership is to execute change!” Today we will be discussing change!  Every organization wants to change in a positive way. Whenever we do a topic like...

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033 The Psychology of COVID-19

Why do people, even intelligent, well-balanced throw themselves into fear and panic? This is similar to the phenomenon of managers being busy in an office and running around telling...

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032 Why no one is working in Home Office today

“Home Office, or Pan-Office?” I’ve been reading a lot recently about doing home office. Because of the viral outbreak, many companies have started to explore the option of working...

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Living and leading belong together. Some may want to play a role, others simply don’t know any better. In the podcast I share ideas, experiences and opinions, inspirations, knowledge and thoughts with you in a very relaxed way, because I want it to be fun for both of us!

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