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012 Better Goals don’t work

Better goals don’t work If you consider for a moment what you find attractive in a person, you likely have quite a precise idea in your mind. The interesting thing about the term ‘attractive’ however is that while everyone understands the meaning of the term, no one can agree on what it means. The person...

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011 11½ points for inspiring goals

For those listeners out there that might be new to this podcast, this series is for all those out there aspiring to be great business leaders. I will share with you my experience, techniques, and inspiration, to help you live your life successfully, With a background in professional coaching and a career in IT leadership,...

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010 Goals for your employees

As a standard rule of thumb, most goals set in a business context have a terrible reputation. When an employee receives a new ‘objective,’ they immediately think of it as a bureaucratic nightmare devoid of any meaning to them.

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009 The foundation of your goals

Uncovering your core values for more attainable goals In today’s edition of Live it – Lead IT! I’ll be discussing how to uncover your core values – which I believe is one of the most crucial jigsaw pieces in the puzzle of achieving what you want to. Too often many of us are not aware...

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008 How to achieve our own goals

Grabbing the bull by the horns – how to achieve your goals Today’s episode of Live It, Lead IT! will be part of a three-episode micro-series on how to achieve your goals. If you want to be a successful leader, you must first learn how to lead yourself. Seems simple enough but if you can’t...

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