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029 Distance to your employees

Today I will be discussing how close you should, or shouldn’t be, with your employees. Ultimately there are two types of ways to define any relationship – formal and informal.

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028 How to get promoted

This episode is all about how to get promoted - the Holy Grail of how to get promoted if you like. I will share with you in this show a list of effective strategies to help you climb the career ladder within your organisation!

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027 Success doesn’t make you happy

Most people will tell you that success makes people happy. In this episode, I will be turning this idea around on its head.

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026 Companies loyalty shrink

Unlike the scenario 40 or 50 years ago, companies loyalty to their employees’ and vendors’ has all but declined, as cost efficiency is driving organisations to continually outsource whatever they can to make them smarter and more effective. But where is the employee in all of this? Today’s corporate working environment means that it is...

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022 that’s not a decision!

Fredmund Malik, the Grandfather of leadership once said that only those who take decisions are leaders.

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018 opportunities of self-employment

What do you need to consider as an entrepreneur when setting up your own business? The answer comes here!

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