Are you a Business-Leader?

Do you want to become one?

Preferably in IT?

Then this is the Podcast for you! Ideas and inspiration for your success, sometimes it may be very unconventional! 

Are you a successful manager

...but you want more time for yourself and your family?

  • Do you wish for somehow “better” employees?
  • Do you want to become more and more effective?
  • Are you looking for an exchange with other successful executives?

I am your host: Olaf Kapinski. For nearly 20 years I was employed as a manager in IT. Many experiences and many successes later, I started this podcast.
Living and leading belong together. Some may want to play a role, others simply don’t know any better. In the podcast I share ideas, experiences and opinions, inspirations, knowledge and thoughts with you in a very relaxed way, because I want it to be fun for both of us!

Olaf Kapinski

THE podcast for

successful Business Leaders

Made in Germany.