009 How to get promoted – externally

So last time we left off on external promotion. If your timetable is not reached in that time and you are not getting promoted, you should lead your own life and decide to move to a different company. It is the typical dilemma of no risk, no reward. You must head for adventure and just go! In fact, I’m not a big fan of internal promotions for a simple reason: when you get promoted internally, you stay in the same place and it does not show much adaptability.

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"No risk, no reward. You must head for adventure and just go!"

Going somewhere else gives you a good chance to start over and change some of your bad habits. In psychology, environmental factors such influence how you behave. When you change your environment, you’re forced to reorient yourself and you can get rid of a lot of those bad habits. This is important, particularly as a manager since you should continually be learning and implementing various tools. Another good reason to go to a new company is the fresh blood that you will bring.  I’m a big fan of fresh blood! Unfortunately you can see in so many companies that the reason things are done is because, “They have always been done this way.” When you come in there as the new person, manager or not, seeing something from an outside perspective makes you question it.

Let’s move to some a personal advantage you can get by moving to a new company. You will boost your CV!  Especially in Germany, a CV is an extremely important aspect of your professional career. When I receive a CV that shows no movement, either horizontally or vertically, it makes me question whether you can move at all! Having a good track record of change in your CV makes sense. Now obviously moving to a new company is a gamble, as you are playing a role in the interview and the company is playing a role as well! If you impress them, if you say and do the right things, then they hire you.

"Leaders live from their network!"

But once you make the move you have no network. Leaders live from their network. A leader is good because they can move organizations. Although it is a challenge, I like people who show me that they know what they want, and that they’re going for it! Bigger risk, but potentially a bigger reward. Go into the new company and introduce all the management tools and techniques that you wanted to implement in your old job but never got around do. Reinvent yourself! If you take this little bit of risk and you just push yourself, from my point of view you are making your life exciting.

Stay in lead!



Hello, Olaf. Musaab, I’m doing well. Thank you. So last time we left off on external promotion.

As we said, if our timetable is not reached in that time and we’re not getting promoted, we decide to say, “Hey, I’m gonna lead my own life. Let me move to a different company.”

What are your thoughts on external promotion?

That’s the typical thing of no risk, no reward. So we last last week, we were talking about the how to do this internally and

either you say I don’t want to be promoted internally no matter what, because you think I hate everyone there. Or you can see that something else is not right, the company is not doing well or whatever it is, or you just head for something else. You just head for adventure and you just want to go somewhere.

My recommendation is to go externally. Anyways, I’m not a big fan of internal promotions because when you get promoted internally, then you stay there.

The whole bag off experience stays there. An extreme example, we have in the current Leadership Stars program a person who is IT lead in a company off 200 to 400 people.

And he was apprentice there.

Make a guess what happens when he goes into accountings? And the old ladies who know him since he was an apprentice don’t treat him as the head of IT.

So going somewhere else gives you a good chance to to change a ton of things. An example for myself with my first company. I was wearing ties all day because I thought this was professional, and now I know this was a good armor of showing my rule and having something to hide behind.

I am the tie guy. I am the boss by definition.

We can whatever we do. If it gets too nasty for me here, then I refer to me my role in my tie, and I’m the boss here.

So a consciousness thing.Next job, I didn’t do this.

So the change from when you want to put a change into yourse, if you want to change yourself, then a job change or environment change or house environment change. Exactly.

We speak a lot of in psychology about environmental factors which can affect you so you behave differently in different places.

That’s why you hear a lot of people like students, for example, that go abroad to study.

They come back and people say “Wow, you’re different, you don’t do this or you don’t do that.”

We were speaking about breaking bad habits, which you could have as a manager.

When you change your environment, you’re forced to reorient yourself in a way, and you can get rid of a lot of those bad habits.

I mean, you have this drug addicted person, and he lives in this area and you put him into this clinic. He’s just getting clean after three months and everybody’s happy. If we put him back into that environment, make a guess what will happen.


That is exactly true! We speak about recidivism rates in terms of, following your drug example, in terms of criminals, we can see that when someone moves to a different city after they are incarcerated, they have much less of a chance of going back to that old lifestyle. So a really good as a manager is moving somewhere else, reinventing yourself into a more positive version.

Okay, so this is one of the things. And the second thing is, I’m a big fan of fresh blood.

I hate this brain instance that you can see in so many companies, we do these things because we’ve done them since ever.

And then you come in there as the new person, manager or not, and then you’re like, “Why are you doing this?”

This is important. Yeah, I understand that you think this is important, but why do you think that way for the last 20 years?

Seeing something from outside makes you question.

Yeah, because you have no clue about that and did all of these things that we just do in these organizations because we do them.

These organizations aren’t just comic from the outside. So I’m a big fan of leaving the company, and I see this from the company and from your personal perspective.

 Talking about career, especially in Germany, we are big fans of these CVs.

And when you have a CV and I, as the recipient of the CV, don’t see any movement in the CV for the last 12 years, I don’t believe that you can move at all. Move means horizontally or vertically.

So, having having a good track record of change in your CV, especially minimum in Germany makes sense.

I’m a fan off changing to the outside world, to change to somewhere else. So now it’s no fun. The fun part is this is your chance to get bloody more money.

I know what I’m talking about. Yeah, this is a gamble.

You play a role in the interviews, and they hope that you fulfill their requirements.

Usually, a searching company has a vague idea of what they want, but they can’t really articulate it.

This is the reason why these announcements look as crap as they do.

They don’t really know how to get what they search for out of your brain, because usually recruiting people is not really so simple.

It’s a little bit of a gamble. If you impress them, if you do the right things, if you say the right things, if you have the right attitude, then they hire you.

And they hope, and the other way around you hope because they lie as much as you.

And I know we don’t call this lying, but that is it. You wouldn’t be the first person, dear listener, who goes into a new company. And then it’s not really exactly as what you understood in the interview.

The last company, I have been there by myself. And it was that after three months, I thought, “No, you quit.” That was betrayal.

So this is the fun part. You can make hell of a lot more money.

If you play the cards right, and we can make a dedicated episode on how you define your value, on the other side you have no risk.

You don’t know where the toilets are anymore. You don’t know where the coffee machine is.

You have no network. Leaders live from their network.

It’s not that a leader is important and good because she or he is awesome and can do PowerPoint very fast.

No, we’re good because we can move organizations. Everybody knows you. You can’t move anything and we can talk about your power in a later episode.

So if you have the new guy and you have a good idea, and you have nobody to talk to, you can’t even double check if this idea is as awesome as you think in this particular situation.

So you start from scratch. You really start from scratch with all the good and the bad.

Going into a new job, as I said, I recommend this. I really recommend this because this shows a little bit that you take it seriously.

If you are counting the other example, if you’re in your company and you get promoted there, to me from the outside world, it always smells like you got promoted because they had the vacancy.

Not because you wanted it. You didn’t search for anything. It came to you.

So I like people who show me that they know what they want, and that they’re going for it.

So someone that’s actively looking for more of a challenge. So instead of staying within that same company, and as he said earlier, moving vertically, they decide to move horizontally.

Bigger risk, potentially bigger reward.

Absolutely. As I said, to me it is a lot of fun because you can really reinvent yourself.

You can go with these different type of socks into the new office. And the other company may not allow you to do it.

You can put all of the great ideas that you’ve developed in the old company and put this into the new company. You are the new guy in the new company. You can go against all of their unwritten rules.

I’m not talking about a certain position. If you are first line, then you had better not break the rules.

If you go into the level below the exec or you are the exec. Well, you can do whatever you want.

You can introduce all the management tools and techniques. You can start with one on ones!

We haven’t done this before. Now I’m here. This is my management style. Now, here’s the invite. Where do we meet?

You can do all these things, which you were too shy to introduce in the old company, or whether it was just lifting the eyebrows.

You are a new guy, and you have the new style. So you just put this on the table.

Okay? So you have a little bit more of leeway, even internally, from your superiors and from the people working under you.

And in that time, you can bring in all of those positive ideas, as you said from from before. Good point.

So and again, on the other hand, Yes, I know.

This is a bit against human nature.

Human nature means I think this and the genome said that we love safety and security. No, I know where my source of food is. I know where my drinking water is.

And now you want me to climb over this mountain to see what’s behind that? And I have food for one day, and it takes me three days to go there.

So a lot of people are hesitant of this

Yes, you can land up or you can land in just in the house of terror. It is possible. Number one: do your homework. Number two: it’s only a city as you make it.

Number three: as long as others survived there, it can’t be that terrible.

And number four: well, if it really sucks, then go somewhere. Move somewhere else. But this is, as I said, no risk, no fun.

If you take this little bit of risk, if you take this and you just push yourself there and preferably even you just moving to another city or even another country or something.

So this is, from my point of view, what makes life exciting. Agreed. Makes sense. Makes sense. Perfect.

And what about when you’re moving to a new company. It’s a lot of pressure. How do you deal with that internal pressure from your boss from your new team?

You have to impress and you’re being evaluated from those above you and below you.

As you said, when you do an interview, you sell yourself and the company also sells itself.

Musaab, do you want to do this in the next episode? Sure. Excellent. All right. Thank you.