026 How to Resolve Conflicts at the Workplace

Today’s topic will be about conflict resolution in the workplace! Unfortunately, conflict is common whenever there are people together. This episode will delve into various psychological solutions for common workplace conflicts. Most conflicts fall into two categories: personal and professional. Professional conflicts have the potential to be much more stressful there’s a lot more at stake in terms of affecting your livelihood and ability to make money.

"Conflicts can be solved by improvising, adapting and overcoming."

These conflicts can either be with a manager, a colleague, or a subordinate. Let’s start with conflicts with a boss. We discussed in an earlier episode about changing your boss…you cannot! These conflicts can be solved by improvising, adapting and overcoming. When there is a disagreement between you and your boss, the best option is to overcome the problem in a productive manner. For instance, if your boss gives too many assignments, instead of complaining or not completing them, try to ask them to give you a clear priority. Be part of the solution, not the problem! In most situations with your boss, disagreements can be avoided if you deal with the issue by keeping a cool head. When your boss is just an asshole, and is rude, then the only solution is to reframe it in your head. Reframing is a useful tool in which one changes the way they think about a situation. You can frame everything in a positive or a negative way.

"It's much harder to take your ego out of the equation when the other person is not signing your paycheck!"

As for conflicts with your colleagues, they are a bit different because there is no clear hierarchy as there is with your boss. You are both on the same level. It’s a lot more difficult to resolve a conflict when it’s someone that’s on your level, because it’s much harder to take your ego out of the equation when the other person is not signing your paycheck! Remember that you’re there to do a job and it doesn’t help anyone if you have a conflict with a colleague. And you need to frame that in your mind when you have an issue with somebody else. Do your best to solve the problem, whether personal or professional, as early as possible. Invite them for a coffee and find out the problem. If it is something you have control over, solve the issue before it interferes with your ability to do your job. If it is something you cannot change then reframe it and move on.

"You control the environment and command your space!"

And finally, we will discuss conflicts with those that you manage. As a manager need to sense what’s going on and if you sense there’s a problem, you have the priority to bring that up in a one on one meeting with that employee. It’s your ship and you need to fix the things that are not working. Always have good workplace etiquette and do your best to resolve conflicts quickly and quietly, regardless of the way other conduct themselves. This is also applicable to other aspects of life, do not let your environment or outside factors control you; instead, you control the environment! Command your space, and remember, Live it and Lead IT!

Stay in lead!