039 Projects: Agile or Waterfall?

“Can we do this Agile, please?” “No, we can’t!” Still, so many IT-coworkers are (t)asked to do this project agile, rather than “classic”. I believe, this is the wrong approach: Use the right tool for the problem.

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038 You do not want to digitalize

I work with People responsible for IT and even in 2020 I hear statements like “Olaf, I shall digitalize, can you help?”

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037 The first and most important Leadership-Tools

“Perhaps in your countless episodes, there is already this hidden theme somewhere: What do you think are the first “tools/methods” that a manager should learn, use and above all improve? “ That was the question on Xing, the German competitor of LinkedIn. I was surprised that I couldn’t come up with an episode right away,…

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