006 “Change is complicate!”

Simplifying the process of change

Change is hard work. ‘I don’t want to change!’, I hear you say. In this episode of Live it – Lead IT, I will provide you with the tools to demystify the process of change. By installing new behaviours and rewiring your brain, you can learn to develop a new attitude toward change with little effort!

Treading the same old path

It’s a simple fact of life that the vast majority of us would much prefer carrying on the very same habits we were doing yesterday. It’s just how our brain is fixed. But how far will our lazy minds get us? If it were up to our brains, all we’d do is sit around all day eating carbs and scrolling Facebook. With a little bit of effort, however, we can overcome the desires of our idle brains.

Exercising the brain

Let’s start with the simple workings of our minds. This organ of ours consumes the largest amount of energy compared to any other in our body. As such, it doesn’t want to have its work cut out. If it were up to the brain, we’d follow the same patterns day in day out. Take the same route to work, eat the same lunch, leave at the same time, etc. etc. By doing so, we allow our subconscious to take over, minimising any effort our brains might need to make. Change, luckily for us however, can become a learnt behaviour. By pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zones, we can retrain the mind, so that change isn’t scary, but an ordinary part of our day to day lives.

Try this exercise out for yourself. Try changing as many habits as you can in a day. Change your routine up. Take a different route to work. Grab your coffee at a different location. Order a different lunch from what you usually have. Try out an alternative outfit. Taking these small practical steps can help you begin to develop a more positive attitude toward change. Once you have established this as a common practice in your life, you can level up to the more important goals you have your eyes set on.

Baby steps

While it may seem simple, and indeed it is, this is how people win marathons. No one starts out able to be an endurance runner. It takes time. With a small run around the block. All it takes to get started is to make the baby steps. And not before long, you’ll begin to see your progress.

Listen on to the episode for more on implementing the changes you need to become a bright business leader of the future. Or you just watch the episode:

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