036 Digital Tools

"Do tech gadgets make us more or less productive?!"

Today we will discuss whether digital tools make us more or less productive at the workplace. This is a very interesting topic, because it is a bit heretical. All of these tech gadgets that are very nice and very fancy and very expensive can maybe reduce our productivity in the workplace.

"The more devices you have, the less focus you have on what you want!"

Think about your average office environment: you have the person working there, they have their laptop or phone and the purpose of these devices is to connect us and to allow us to do our work. Unfortunately these are designed to get our attention. The more devices you have, the less focus you have on what you want. If you have a notification blinking up on your laptop every two seconds about an email or about a calendar meeting that’s for tomorrow, or next week, you cannot focus on the important tasks. In order to be a modern individual in the Western world, you have to be able to switch your attention quickly. It’s something that we adapted to as we are no longer working on farms and doing the same tasks over and over again. We need to be able to think quickly and adapt. However it’s this very act of adaptation that’s allowed you to become quick and to handle all of these digital tools that has made you less productive at certain other tasks.

"Your brain gets used to patterns!"

Why has this become so widespread? Your brain gets used to patterns. If the majority of time you’re required to have a very short attention span so you can jump for one after another or one topic to another, it’s going to be very difficult for you to sit down and switch your mind back into that long, slow, continual process of doing a very long task. It’s hard to switch between these different types of attention spans that you need. What’s the solution? The solution is having a little bit of order in your life We spoke a lot about is good. Have a designated time to check your digital tools so you’re not a slave to the device. It gives you that discipline. As leaders we need to reduce the amount of tools that people need to play with. If you’re responsible for a team of people, you need to understand that this can affect your concentration. As a manager you should be setting the example. If you have designated a time to do something, then stick to it and do only that specific activity!

Stay in lead!