031 Old Dog, New Tricks

Today’s topic is for those who have been leaders for a while now and think it’s time for becoming better! Whether it be about new habits or introducing some new tools, improving yourself is the best thing you can do.

"There are a variety of factors that are limiting their potential to change!"

I know many managers that have been doing this for a long time who want to change. But there are a variety of factors that are limiting their potential to change. One of these factors is that they don’t want to change because of other people. What does this mean? Think of a manager that knows she has room for improvement. When it comes to making a decision in the office and all eyes on her, she resorts to her old behavior again because she is to shy to do otherwise!  So we have three main obstacles to your success: One is vanity, the other is laziness, and the final one is cowardice. If you are an individual that realizes they have a room for improvement, you are already ahead of the curve! But change takes more energy, so make sure you know WHY you want to change. My first advice for your process of change is this: Don’t look at back at your past! Don’t judge your past mistakes and how you failed to change them. Focus on what you hope to you achieve with your new behavior? Another issue is that people care too much about what others think of them. People are paralyzed and don’t want to move because they’re worried about what others think. Don’t be that person! This is known as the middle finger approach, because its all about doing what you think is right and forgetting what anyone else thinks! Be self-confident, even a little bit arrogant. 

"Many leaders are knowledge giants, but execution minions!"

The main idea of this podcast is Live It, Lead IT. You need to take control and live your life in order to enhance your own experiences. There is a saying that many leaders are knowledge giants, but execution minions. They know what to do but they don’t do it! So what can you do to change that? Number one, don’t overestimate what others think about you because the others are too busy thinking about themselves!

"Do not be afraid of change and shut off the autopilot!"

Number two even if they judge you, you don’t need to care at all (remember The Middle Finger Approach!) Even if everybody knows you as the grumpy guy with the grumpy face, come to the office with a smile! Forget your reputation. I like when leaders are self-confident enough to say, “Okay, here’s something that we will try out. Give it eight weeks, and if it doesn’t work then let’s throw it away.” Do not be afraid of change and shut off the autopilot if you want to change a habit. Make sure you’re not too lazy, not too vain, and not too scared to become the best leader you can be!

The Three Obstacles to Success

  1. Vanity: “I am too cool for that!”
  2. Laziness: “I can do that tomorrow!”
  3. Cowardice: “I am not brave enough for this, change is an adventure that I am not ready for!”

Stay in lead!