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009 How to get promoted – externally

So last time we left off on external promotion. If your timetable is not reached in that time and you are not getting promoted, you should lead your own life and decide to move to a different company. It is the typical dilemma of no risk, no reward. You must head for adventure and just…

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008 How to get promoted -internally

So how do you go about getting promoted? There’s a difference between being promoted internally within your organization and wanting to move to a different company and being promoted externally. We will initially be discussing the first option, or internal promotion as most people are more focused on that. It’s difficult to jump from one…

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007 Why should we change?

“I am good, why you want me to change?” Today we give you thoughts on this.

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006 Don’t tell them how – tell them why

“What if you just explain your thoughts to your employee?” So today the title of the episode is “Don’t tell them what to do.” “Them,” are your employees or direct subordinates. Let’s start with what I usually see. There is an employee who is doing something such as a presentation or important task. The manager…

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005 The Science of excuses – Cognitive Dissonance

As you may have seen it in the headline we will be discussing the science of excuses. The scientific term would is cognitive dissonance. The official definition of cognitive dissonance is: the emotional tension that arises when a person becomes aware of simultaneously holding two conflicting beliefs or when an individual detects the existence of…

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004 IT is Spine and Brain

Today I would like to share a thought on where IT departments should stand in the system of organizations. My first position was as a consultant and then six months later I took over the lead of the IT department. That was the time when the computerization of the business really started. This was the…

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003 How to change your Boss

Today’s topic is about wanting to change your boss. How do you go about doing this? The short version is that it’s not possible. This is the shortcut version of this. Let’s look at it from a different perspective. If you are responsible for a team, and one of your employees wants to change you,…

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002 Management vs. Leadership

So today we are talking about something that we touched on in a few of our earlier podcasts. The difference between leadership and management. The difference between being a leader and being a manager. So it’s let’s discuss management first, because leadership is very rare! I have compared management and leadership in the German podcast,…

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001 Are you the best version of yourself?

Are you the best version of yourself? There were times in the career where I think I would have said yes. After university, I spent 20 years working in the IT-Industries in leadership positions. The last position was as the Head of Global IT Infrastructure. I would say no, I’m not the best version of…

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