009 The foundation of your goals

Uncovering your core values for more attainable goals

In today’s edition of Live it – Lead IT! I’ll be discussing how to uncover your core values – which I believe is one of the most crucial jigsaw pieces in the puzzle of achieving what you want to. Too often many of us are not aware of our core values so that when we set out to achieve our goals, we fail to determine whether it is really in line with our belief system. With some simple, practical tips however you can ensure you have the right foundation necessary to live the life you wish.

Linking your core values to your goals

Many people I come across that are failing to achieve their goals, do not understand why. If your goals are not in line with your core values, then you are bound to fail. Take for example Henry Honest – try as he might become an online scammer overnight, his core values won’t allow him to succeed. A simple example for sure, but hopefully it paints a clear picture. The beauty is that once you can align your values and goals, a feedback mechanism will emerge facilitating positive feelings. And conversely, when we do things that are not in line with your core values, we’ll end up feeling bad about ourselves.

Dream big

So how do we uncover our values? Here a few helpful questions can help shed light on the question. What have you, or would you, fight for? What situations made you feel bad? What would you do if you could do anything for one week? Or a month? Or even a year? Or, if you had three wishes from the fairy godmother, what would they be? Let yourself daydream and jot down what comes to mind.

Creating your list

Remember that this exercise if for you and you alone. There should be no judgement and only pure honesty. Keep your values precise and avoid one-word answers. ‘Love’ for example should be elaborated on – with whom? Of what kind? A meaningful concept should emerge. Now – make your list of values 50 long and then prioritise. Once you’ve completed your list, review it regularly over the course of three to four weeks, and amend it as you see fit, based on your mood. By the end of the process, you will have a solid list, with your top ten values prioritised.

This is the consequences check. You can only live a remarkable life is if you know your values. Now that you have your values in place, it will become easier to prioritise your tasks in light of your goals. How can this translate to the business leadership? Listen on for this edition to gain more examples of how uncovering your values can make a meaningful impact on your life and leadership skills.


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