014 True professionals master their tools


A Master of the Arts

In 1508, Michelangelo would begin his work on the Sistine Chapel ceiling, which he completed in 1512. The masterpiece was created by the hands of the Renaissance painter, who is said to have sketched the whole image out singlehandedly. He created them with micro-tools – brushes, spatulas and the like, tools which he mastered. You want to do some riddles? Check this page www.susannealbers.de

Know your tools!

As a professional, have you mastered the tools at hand for your job? And, do you even know what tools are available to you? Do professionals master their tools? I’m focusing here on the corporate world tools. As such, the most powerful tool I have is my smartphone. The smartphone is one of the most used tools. It holds your calendar. You can do fundamental work with it on the go. It provides you with the worldwide web at your fingertips. (I know lots of people who load social network apps onto their phones, but I’d avoid this with a professional device as you will only burn time with them.) Other fundamental tools include your laptop and the suite of apps you use in your office environment, whether Windows Office or the Apple equivalent.

Being proficient in the use of these devices is critical for anyone in a leadership role. If your staff come to attend a meeting and everyone is waiting while the image is uploading onto the big screen, it doesn’t provide a good example to your employees of being well prepared and organised.

Also, if you’re a leader, you’ll be needing how to develop strong presentation skills, from developing the content to delivering it in person. You get the drift.

So unless you want to be perceived as an old silverback ape, not only must you know your tools but you must master them. Gone are the days when one could hide behind an aversion to technology. It’s your decision, but think about how you want to be perceived by those around you? And what kind of example you want to set as a leader.

The Secret of Success

So, do you want to be successful? Well for those of you who do, I have a little secret to share with you, that all us successful people of the world try to hide from the world. The secret is, read manuals! As ridiculous as it might sound if you want to master the tools you use in the corporate world, that is my advice. Whether to get the most out of your smartphone, or find out about the latest updates on Microsoft Office, keeping up to date with the latest developments pays.

Listen on for the episode to find out more little gems of knowledge that will help you become the leader you want to be by mastering your tools. Remember, no matter how good you are, there’s always room for improvement. Never stop learning!



Olaf Kapinski