035 Trust them or control them?

Today’s topic should be an important lesson for any manager. Your employees are neither robots nor slaves. You hired your employee for their brain. As a manager you usually have ideas of what you want to achieve, but if I need to deep dive into how to achieve this then you can do this yourself!

"Your employees are neither robots nor slaves!"

When you tell your employees exactly what you want step by step, there is no space for their creativity; you also block all of their good ideas. Many managers out there complain about that. They’re still stuck in the daily business, and they are quite big when it comes to control. So control has lots of negative things. I do understand why we need to control from time to time. But control doesn’t feel good on your side! I hate to be controlled. Control is also a lot of effort. Instead, if we as managers assess the delivery of our employees and give constructive feedback consistently, after a while trust develops on both sides. I think it’s a very innovative style of leadership. If you think back 50, 60, or 70 years, you didn’t really need creativity as a worker. I have spoken many times about how the world is changing. Lots of consumer and offering markets have opened up! That means we have higher competition. The emphasis is on speed and innovation.

"Control the important stuff, not the easy stuff!"

Now let’s go back to delegation and into control and trust. If I rely on my own brain, then I can only produce the stuff out of my own genius brain while ignoring all of the other brains in the company. I believe this is not the right approach for the majority of industries which are left in Europe. Control the important stuff, not the easy stuff. Lots of people just control the easy numbers. And the easy numbers are just not really related to the real outcome. If I give you this task out of the blue and the next morning I say, “Can you tell me this? Can you tell me what happened?” I would just ruin trust this way.

"You control everything that is business critical!"

This is this is not a fire and forget process. This is a permanent process of you handing over responsibility and decisions to your employees step by step by step. I call this management. You must understand which of your employees you can handle a little bit more responsibility. You control everything that is business critical. Don’t waste your time with controlling rubbish. Usually the real success is not really in the numbers so make sure that you control the right things and let go of the right things!

Stay in lead!