029 Well-being Part 1

Usually I discuss things that you can’t really touch: your thoughts, your mindset, your communication style. Today we will talk about you and your body. Many of you listening to this can associate with this in terms of wanting to be more healthy. Unfortunately, either because you’re in the office or just not sure how to do it, you end up delaying it over and over. Today, I’ll give you a few tips on how to do improve your overall well-being. This is not a “gym-focused” episode, but more about things that can improve your quality of life outside of the gym.

"Your food can either give you energy or take energy away!"

Let’s begin with what you put into your body: your diet! Many people disregard the food they eat. Your food can either give you energy or take energy away. Think of the infamous post-lunch “carb coma.” After your big burger and fries or pizza, you get that little boost of energy from the elevation of your blood sugar. Then you just crash and you just want to take a nap. A more balanced diet is required: No sugar, no processed crap! Sugar is a part off society, at least in Western Europe but you must do your best to avoid this. Instead go for lighter foods that are easier to digest. Things like meat, salads, brown rice, fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Start slowly by transitioning to a healthy lunch on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and allowing a “cheat lunch” one or two days of the week. Before you know it that summer body will be ready!

Now let’s talk about activities that you can do to burn more calories! Even if they may not seem like much, these calories you burn will add up. Instead of taking an elevator, take the stairs. To make it clear, you’re not going to the gym or running on purpose. But you can walk around the building after lunch. It helps you digest and gives you a little bit more energy. Unfortunately, I read that in Germany it becomes more and more of a habit for people to eat at their desk! This comes from wanting to reduce those eight hours of getting tortured in this fucked up office job into as little time as possible. Do not do this. Do yourself some good, give yourself a chance to relax and take a 30 minute break. There is a saying that sitting is the new smoking. Humans are meant to run and walk, not sit all day. Many studies have shown that physical activity, even a five minute walk, can boost your brains ability. As this podcast is from leaders and for leaders, make sure that you set a good example for your employees. You can inspire them!  


"Humans are meant to run and walk, not sit all day!"

The third topic is mindfulness, be in the moment! Focus on what you’re doing, because if your mind is scattered in a million different places, you’re not going to be able to lead yourself, let alone lead your team. Always be in the moment. When you have a good moment, enjoy it as it’s not going to last. And if you have a bad moment, be in the moment and know that it’s going to pass. The fourth topic is a bit rare to hear about: the lights! Light can have an effect on you and your mood. Think of the fluorescent flickering lights in a basement office in old movies! It just screams 9 to 5 and “I hate my job and life.” They have a lot of lights these days that are meant to mimic natural light, right? That’s why a lot of offices in the last few years on last decades or whatever have transitioned into big open offices with massive windows to get as much natural light as possible. If you have any chance of doing this, do it at home and then try to get it done in the office.  

"Have your windows open and get with the fresh air!"

The fifth topic that a lot of people fail to mention is proper hygiene. You do not want to get sick in the office because you’re not washing hands! You’re not cleaning your desk, you’re touching it all day, and then you’re touching your mouth. Proper hygiene and sanitation in the office is a massive way to stay healthy. The final topic in this episode is air and temperature. Have your windows open and get with the fresh air. Stop messing with the air conditioner! In the next episode we will continue with more tips to improve your well-being!

Six Small Changes to Improve Well-being

  1. Diet: “Eat this, not that!”
  2. Activity Level: “Take the stairs!”
  3. Mindfulness: “Be in the moment!”
  4. Lights: “Change the lights!”
  5. Hygiene: “Wash your hands!”
  6. Air and Temperature: “Leave the air conditioner alone!” 

Stay in lead!