030 Well-being Part 2

Today we will continue the second part of the Well-being episode. The focus will be on movement and what you can do if you do not go to the gym. Tell me if this sounds familiar: You’re in the your early or mid-forties. The studies are out of the way, the career is on track. The house is paid, you have your wife and kids. You were fit and active in college but then life changed and got in the way.  But now you look in the mirror and don’t like what you see.

"Now you look in the mirror and don’t like what you see."

Let’s start with the most basic form of exercise: walking! Walking is something that most of us do already each day. You can focus on increasing the frequency or the distance. Here in Europe, walking is a widespread and simple way to travel.  In order to start this fitness journey and kind of get some movement under you, try different types of walking. When I first started running, I had some issues with my feet and knees, so I started walking with two black sticks. A lot of people think walking is what the grandparents do after they have dinner! But who cares what others think? You can even start by parking your car further from your office. Or even better, buy yourself a dog and see how often you will need to take it outside! Even if you wear nice expensive leather shoes to the office, you can always walk a few hundred meters. Once you have gotten the hang of walking, the next step would be jogging and running, but only if you can do it comfortably. Take your time!

If you want to get stronger without going to the gym then bodyweight exercises are great! These are exercise that you can do in your own living room at home! These are perfect for people who don’t like gyms. We all respond differently to different exercises and environments, and there are some people that just do not like going to the gym. Some great examples of bodyweight exercises are push-ups, sit-ups, and squats. You can do bodyweight exercises in nearly any environment: at home, out in the park, or even when you are traveling in a hotel.

"There are some people that just do not like going to the gym!"

Whenever you start a fitness journey, pace yourself! It is a marathon, not a sprint. Many people jump into something, and they want to do it 100% from the first day. But if your body is not used to the exercies, you may end up injuring yourself and becoming discouraged. Build a base and then achieve your goals step by step. Your goal is not to do a six-week program and then go back to normal. You’re trying to change your lifestyle and that takes time and effort. Don’t compare yourself with anyone! If you keep comparing yourself to everybody else, you’re never going to be satisfied.  


"Whenever you start a fitness journey, pace yourself!"

Your only competition is the person looking back at you from the mirror. If you’re better today than you were yesterday, you have accomplished your goal. You’re succeeding and achieving. It’s all about consistency. So it’s always better to do a little thing than to just give up and say, “Well, I can’t get to the gym.” Compete with your mirror, and be better!

How to Start Your Fitness Journey

  1. Walking
  2. Jogging/Running
  3. Bodyweight Exercises

Stay in lead!