017 What is a “LeadershipStar”?

Today I will be taking about what I think is a Leadership Star. It all starts with your promotion: High likely you have been the best professional who got promoted into the boss-role.
This is where the problem starts: People don’t understand, that leading is a different kind of craft than the former profession. It is a different thing.
“Leadership realizes change”
Our world changes. Fast. Faster. Our organizations need to change accordingly. Companies like Blackberry try not to change, we see how successful they are. Organizations may not survive with just do the things they’ve done in the past.
“Cannibalize yourself, before someone else does it for you”
Our organizations need to adapt to the new surroundings, Opportunities, competitors, customers. This requires leadership.

Young leaders face these three types of problems:

No Idols

Companies on stocks are very often only managed, rather than lead. Btw: Listen to LIT002 Management vs. Leadership for my definition of the difference. Small companies don’t show good leadership neither, very often, because the founder is simply swamped by daily operations.
We can’t see good leadership often. We lack Idols

No training

Only a small portion of companies have understood, that leadership and management can be trained. And should be trained. The majority still promotes and hopes for best.

No exchange

As soon as you are in a leadership position, you are unique. High likely, that you don’t have so many people around you anymore, with whom you can talk on eye-height. Additionally, a leadership role usually causes more to think and reflect and to talk about.

The LeadershipStars

I had exactly the same problems. And I decided to develop a solution on this, as I think we all need to become faster better.
The LeadershipStars Annual Program is my answer to this problem: A One-year Online Program for either Young Leaders or experienced Leaders in IT.
Check the German Page for Information, English will come soon.
Stay in Lead