016 Why I Love Email

Today’s topic will deal with an issue that I am very passionate about: email! As you can tell from the title, I love email! It is early 2020 now and I continually read articles about how email is dead. The funny thing is, I have been hearing this crap for the last 10 years. It’s almost like a running bad joke. I have collected eight points in defense of email. Let’s jump right into it!

"I continually read articles about how email is dead."

The first point is synchronic versus asynchronic. A conversation with back-and-forth communication is synchronic. Someone forces me to take time for his immediate communication needs. This involves replying immediately to someone. Asynchronic conversation, on the other hand allows, you to decide when to respond. You go at your own speed and respond when and how you see fit! The second point is push becomes pull. There are two types of information, push and pull. Push information is what others “push” onto you while pull information is what you “pull” from others. With email I can categorize the information I would like separately from the information I would not like! The third point is about the harmonization of information sources, and is similar to the previous point. I do not need to mess around with dozens of websites to get all the information I need. My email collects all of this for me!

"An email is almost like a diary or journal which chronicles your experiences."

The fourth point is about memory; I have emails from my first company. An email is almost like a diary or journal which chronicles your experiences, and I never understood why people delete their emails! The fifth point is that emailing is universal. Every IT system can send and process emails. Point six is that email is ours. By “ours” I mean we decide where we place and route our email systems. We do not need to relying on external! Point seven is a bit old school, but email is always available. You have access to your email even when you are offline.

"Email is universal!"

As for the eighth point I will ramp it up a bit. Let’s call it maturity. Email services aren’t mature as they have improvements, really slight improvements over the last 20 years. As a consequence of this, email technology has time to grow and to mature. So the biggest complaint that many companies have about email is that it is their biggest time burner. Instead of emails companies are aiming for replacing emails with fancy tools such as Slack or so on. The result is that more time is spent on various apps that cause even more time to be wasted! This doesn’t work! Now if you have a different experience feel free to get in touch. I do this podcast because as leaders we need to get better. It’s the most important duty that we have in life!

Stay in lead!