032 Why no one is working in Home Office today

"Home Office, or Pan-Office?"

I’ve been reading a lot recently about doing home office. Because of the viral outbreak, many companies have started to explore the option of working from home. However, my thesis is this: nobody at the moment is doing home office! This thought stems from the Leadership Stars program, where we were very obviously talking about how we do this. There are several heads of IT in this program and we had conversations about how this works. It turns out (not really surprisingly) that the output of the people it’s far lower than what it was before!  

"Three differences!"

I have three criteria which are, from my point of view, the differentiators between home office and what we do today. What we do are doing today I call “Pan-office,” or Pandemic office. I do not want anyone to call this home office because then otherwise, some people in six months time will come up with this crazy thesis and say “No, home office doesn’t work for us.”

So what are the differences? The first is that home office is prepared. This means the company is prepared, the processes are prepared, the whole office itself is prepared. The companies know what they can give the employees in home office and the employee knows what to do in home office.

This second differentiator is that home office is planned. I mean that I know my project requires deep work with no distractions. And I can do this best from home because there I can plan this. It’s naive to think that the people are at home. No, it’s the families who are at home! Kindergartens and schools are closed. Parents are kind of forced to do some home parenting, home learning or teaching at. People sit at home. They need to take care of the kids if they have them, they need to take care of the spouse if they have them, they need to take care of everything around.

"Relationship power keeps organizations alive!"

This is not home office in the in the way that we use the word in the middle of March 2020. I need to sit in a silent environment when I do my conference call. But sorry. There is no silent environment. And additionally, there’s the biggest differentiator: some of them are just simply afraid. Now we talk about trust! To trust the management that they will steer the ship through the cliffs and through the oceans. Some of them are scared because they don’t know if their company will survive. These are the three things that are so different from what we called home office and Pan-Office.

Stay in lead!