Well, you’re not so busy right now…

This time is something you want to invest in yourself.

Here is your solution!

You are in IT and already in the lead. It’s on! Now what? Should it stay that way? Or shouldn’t it get better? Better methods, more time? Better results, a new push?


Do you want to upgrade your management tools?

You’re booked up, there’s a lot to do. Is it still fun? Is it just work or do you achieve meaningful things that are satisfying? Does it feel good?


Do you wish you could enjoy doing more?

  • Imagine if you could polish up and supplement your management tools in a structured way.
  • Online, via audio and for reference.
  • Imagine you could utilize Olaf Kapinski as your mentor!
  • And all this without long obligations, but instead available for monthly booking.
  • Imagine getting better faster!

This is precisely what is offered

LeadershipStars Monthly

LeadershipStars Monthly is a monthly online program for IT executives. You sharpen your general and IT-specific leadership tools!

There are one or two general issues per month, one or two IT topics and one or two Q&A calls with Olaf Kapinski. This depends on the size of the issue and your needs.

General Topics

Each month you will receive proven topics from the LeadershipStars Program. The following topics are considered:

  • Building high-performance teams
  • The basics of the teaching of Prof. Dr. Malik.
  • Presentations
  • One on Ones
  • Effective feedback
  • Self-Effectiveness

IT Topics

The IT topics will be developed during the course of the project, tailored to your needs and based on your feedback. The topics under consideration are:

  • Developing a disaster recovery plan
  • Basics of IT modelling according to BSI Grundschutz
  • Security analysis according to BSI
  • A functioning InfoSec process
  • ITIL Basics
  • Development of IT organizations
  • Project Management Basics

Q&A calls

Once or twice a week I will be hosting Q&A video calls. There you will be able to share questions and experiences on the monthly topics.

The topics come each month and remain accessible for you as long as you remain a member. The sequence of topics will start when you join the program.

The contents will partially be in English.

This program is intended for people who want to do something for themselves in the current crisis. It is my offer to gain access to the content of the LeadershipStars program, which otherwise costs 990€ per year.

Extraordinary times require extraordinary measures. Here is mine.

The program requires no commitment, you just buy access for one month and you’re done!

Some portions are developed during the duration, and you have influence on it if you want. Nevertheless I would like to reward long-term participation, so the following months are even cheaper!


LeadershipStars MONTHLY

Use these times to move yourself into a good starting position. With the brand new program for only:


First Month: 85,00€

The entire ordering process is carried out by our service provider DigiStore24. The order links also point there. All prices incl. VAT.


  • How long will the program run? Excellent question! I do not have an answer to that yet. It will run for a while, then we will see how it develops and how the crisis unfolds.
  • What is the difference between this and the LeadershipStars Annual Program? The Annual Program runs for a whole year. The areas of IT strategy and IT organization are optional there so far.
  • Do I have to speak English? No one has to. The contents are all in English, but the Q&A calls will be in German.
  • How much time do I have to plan? As much as you want. The topics are offers, not obligations.
  • I’m not managing yet, but I will take over an IT team shortly. Is the program suitable? Absolutely! My aim is to prepare you for the challenges in the shortest possible time and to give you everything you need.