Let me briefly introduce myself to give you an idea of who you are dealing with here! I am OLAF KAPINSKI, IT engineer, entrepreneur and passionate manager. I have been an active leader for seventeen years, most recently leading teams and employees in Europe, Asia and North America. I have been involved in leading people and achieving goals for more than half of my life. I started in the late eighties as a volunteer in the DLRG and in the early nineties in the Malteser Hilfsdienst. Since leading people in their spare time is a little different from leading people in their profession, I immersed myself in the backgrounds of communication and leadership theory very early on. Reinhard Sprenger and Friedemann Schultz von Thun are the better-known authors whom I studied.

Half a year after I started my career as a new engineer, my employer at the time promoted me to a new position:  IT-Department Lead. I was able to gain a variety of experiences there, many positive ones and also a few negative one!  In 2009, I encountered the teachings of Prof. Dr. Fredmund Malik and had the opportunity to take part in a six-month systematic management training course at the Management Zentrum St. Gallen. At the beginning of 2013 I became aware of Neurolinguistic Programming, NLP for short. NLP is a model that enables fast and easy learning. In the meantime, I obtained a Master’s degree and have been able to learn with the two best trainers in Europe: Wiebke Lüth and Mark Pletzer, back then at the Fresh Academy.

This experience helped me a lot to get over the daily pain in the office: Busy, Busy, Busy, no time for nothing and at the end no results and no meanung at all. “Why am I doing this?” My bosses where just standard, poor, reactive, overwhelmed and untrained people. I felt shit every day.

The idea grew to make the difference. Management doesn’t have to be useless pain, there must be a better way. Since November 2014 I develop this idea in my german Podcast, LEBEN-FÜHREN, close to “living – leading”.

Since January 2020 we extend this now and share these ideas with all the great Business-Leaders in Europe.

This project will be greatly further developed in the future!